Setting the Agenda

Since when is it fair for a newspaper -- even The New York Times -- to let the fact that there were active hecklers at a big speech completely overshadow the speaker's message, not to mention other landmark developments at a major international conference? Since now, I guess. The Times gives the protesters the photo, the whole headline, and the first two paragraphs. And FYI, Powell was both booed and jeered. Does that mean they were nice enough not to hiss?



I must admit I was happy to see Andrew Cuomo's campaign fizzle. He always projects himself as entitled, and it's good to see that he lost out to a slow and steady careerist. Now McCall will lose big to Pataki. Cuomo would've lost to Pataki too, but the problem with McCall is he's every bit as passionless as Pataki, and since Pataki essentially is a moderate Democrat, you can't beat him on issues. You have to beat him with charisma. McCall doesn't have it.

Ode to Private Intellectuals

We celebrate public intellectuals (and lament their demise) but forget, says this article in this National Post of Canada commentary, what plain old intellectuals are good for. Sometimes it's only by withdrawing into the dreaded ivory tower, into the fine print of a discipline, that someone can make their most meaningful contributions to the world. Particularly for the many smart people who aren't good at appearing on tv, being charismatic, sounding persuasive, and otherwise making themselves relevant and accessible. Granted there's a difference between a logician or physicist who has no interest in engaging with the world out there and an isolationist political scientist--the former disciplines can live on logic and controlled evidence alone, the latter cannot. Still, the Canadian's point is well taken.

Has It Come to This?

Tonight on Donahue, Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon "speaks out on" the state of our public schools.


Applebee's Has Riblets

They do.



Is Walmart discriminating against women by not providing insurance coverage for prescription contraceptives to its female employees? A class action lawsuit will settle it.